The individual confronting himself and the complex relationship with their environment shows up in the sculptural series named Agora. The power of life tries to make its way. It escapes in the shape of shiny light beams, and vanishes in the areas where darkness prevails, leaving many questions up in the air. The contemporary human being facing extreme individualism emerges with strength.

Exhibited in group, they provide a feeling of shared loneliness. The pieces are hung with threads in a pendant composition.

The installation becomes disquieting as it forces us to think about this “threads” hidden in the shadows, that we knit all around us, and that others are knitting too.


SERIE: 100 pieces for each size

TYPOLOGY: floor, pendant and wall

TECHNIQUE: steel and binder

LIGHTING SOURCE: 230V-50Hz (LED) o 120V-60Hz

MEASUREMENTS: variable sizes. Floor and pendant: 215x40cm, Wall: 150x40cm

Arturo Álvarez. 2016