Encontros is a group of anthropomorphic slender and impressive figures. They observe us, they look at each other —from great heights or closer ones—, probably from a distant place, which the viewer attempts to understand. The inside light they shine is the subtle expression of the human being’s strength, of its vital energy and potential. They are families of individuals who intend to dialog among themselves, from their own perspective and singularity, with their nuances. The many nets that wrap the pieces, built by our current society, don’t always help to communicate.

The sculptures are made with extremely plain and basic forms. However, a closer look reveals that every piece is unique and different; complex in its simplicity.

One of them may have a lifeless gaze or even look concentrated. A disturbing peace domains the installation. The long curved shapes of their necks, napes and backs increases their subtle expression, bringing them closer to the observer.

These ethereal bodies, appear to be in movement, when seen as a group, generating a communication that, at times, seems to transcend the human.


SERIE: 100 pieces for each size


TECHNIQUE: japanese cord

LIGHTING SOURCE: 230V-50Hz (LED) o 120V-60Hz

MEASUREMENTS: variable sizes. Big: 310x30cm, Medium: 285x25cm, Small: 230x20cm

Arturo Álvarez. 2014

150213_AF33562_edit_aclarados Arturo-Alvarez_Encontros-14 Arturo-Alvarez_Encontros-03Arturo-Alvarez_Encontros-09Photos: Andrés Fraga